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Production Division Automation

Solutions for Industry || Solutions for HVAC || Electric Enclosure || Metal Mchanics Division || HVAC Division

Projet, Manufacture and Installation of:

Solutions for Industry

  • Software Solutions for Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Touch Panels
  • Supervision Systems

Solution for HVAC

  • Gestão Tecnica Centralizada SAUTER

Electric Enclosure for command and control:

  • Preparation of electrical schematics
  • Installation of Electrical Enclosure
Consola tactil
Quadro Eléctrico
Autómato (PLC)
Autómato (PLC)

Solutions for Metal Mchanics Division

  • Integrated solutions for storage, handling and processing of liquids, powders and granulates.
  • Solutions / Products tailored to specific needs
  • Access Metal Mechanics Division

Solutions for HVAC Division

  • Air conditioning solutions
  • Heating.
  • Air Treatment
  • Power Recovery
  • Process Control
  • Ventilation and dedusting.
  • disinfection and sterilization services of conduct.
  • Maintenance Services.
  • Access HVAC Division