Special Technical Installations – Products / Services

Division Special Technical Installations

Project, Manufacture and assembly of:

  • Solutions for air conditioning, heating, air treatment
  • Energy reutilization and centralized operation systems.
  • Solutions for specific needs.

Development of Solutions for:

  • Integrated systems of air conditioning, central heating.
  • Filtering, humidity control, smoke and dust control,
  • Pipeline networks and centralized operation systems

Some areas of intervention:

  • Commercial buildings, offices, hotels and restaurants
  • Rooms shows, Auditoriums, Pools and sports Enclosures
  • Schools, Museums, Archives and Libraries
  • Housing Buildings and Parking Lots
  • Hospitals, Clinics and Health Centers
  • Clean Rooms and Computer Rooms
  • Production areas and storage of food
  • Buildings and Industrial buildings
  • Public works and private in general