Metal Mechanics


Our Metal Mechanics Division develops its activity since 1981, on the designing, manufacturing and installing of equipments and intended for storage, movement, and processing of liquid, gas, powder and granulated materials. With a vast and solid experience, and having the most recent factory equipment technology, Valinox became an expert in Storage, Homogenization, Decantation, Thermal Exchange, Fermentation, Deaeration, Mixing, Inerting, Weighing, Dosing, Pumping, Filtering, Piping Networks and systems of utomation and Automatization of processes.

General Presentation of the METAL MECHANICS DIVISION

Foundation year: 1981
Quality Warranty: Quality management certification according with NP EN ISO 9001:2008
Environmental control: Environmental management certification acording with NP EN ISO 14001:2012
Standards for the construction of reservoirs: API 650 ; EN 14015
Standards for the construction equipment under pressure: ASME SEC. VIII DIV1, AD-MERKBLATTER, PD5500, CODAP e EN 13445
Standards for the construction of steel structures: EN 1090

Division Metal Mechanics Production

Project, manufacture, and assembly of:

  • Integrated solutions for storage, movement, and processing of liquid, gas, powder, and granulated products.
  • Turnkey solutions of engineering, design, and assembly of industrial process systems.
  • Equipments and solutions for specific needs.

Development of Solutions for:

  • Storage, Homogenization, Mixing, Decantation, Fermentation,Thermal Exchange, Deaeration, Inerting, Weighing, Dosing,
  • Filtering, Piping Networks and systems of Automation and Automatization processes.

Some areas of interventation:

  • Glues and Paints Industry
  • Cosmetic and Pharmaceutics Industry
  • Plastics Industry
  • Plastic Packaging Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Ceramic Industry
  • Cork Industry
  • Wine Industry
  • Water , Beer and Soft Drinks Industry
  • Dairy Industry

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